A High Tech Open House in Corinth (Video Link)

Posted on: 01/25/2013


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CORINTH, Miss. (WTVA) -- Rick Napper can't wait to show off new equipment on their radiology center.

Mood lighting and music are in the state of the art radiology center here at Magnolia Regional Health Center.

What began as a plan to revamp radiology services turned into much more.

"We designed the radiology which grew into moving the emergency room and moving the ECHO and we decided that a very special group of people we were not providing care for in a way that we should was the women and so we now provide a womens imaging center which is separate from the main part of the imaging center," Magnolia Regional Health Center Chief Executive Officer Rick Napper said.

In addition the lighting and music, virtual paintings are coming soon.

This equipment offers the lowest possible radiation dose.

"The industry usually thinks they buy the lesser quality equipment and some of the bigger hospitals like to think that as well, but this facility is very unique in that they put more focus on the patient and the patient outcomes," Phillips Healthcare Representative Norma Meissner said.

So, how do you show off a $31,000,000 renovation project-an open house.

Hospital officials say locals want health care in their hometown.

"More than anything, the patients did not want their family to have to travel long distances to visit them," Napper added.

"Oh! it's just wonderful. We can stay here. We don't have to go to Memphis. We don't have to go to Birmingham. We don't have to go to Tupelo. We're right here," Corinth resident Norma Hill said.

 Article posted courtesy of  WTVA, Tupelo, MS. www.wtva.com

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