Admission Information

Our primary focus is to make the registration process as pleasant and convenient as possible for our patients. In addition to our extensive range of outpatient services, our hospital also provides our community with high quality inpatient care. Any test that is done in the hospital requires you to register and sign the appropriate consent forms so please plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to your appointment time for this process.

About Registration

Our Registration Desk for Inpatient & Outpatient procedures is conveniently located at our main entrance labeled Entrance "A". Upon your arrival, you will be directed to the next available registrar who will verify your current information and review the consent forms for your signature. You may also be asked to sign other forms that may be required by Medicare or other regulatory agencies.

Inpatient registration is conveniently located at the Main Entrance of the hospital.

To help ensure that the registration process will flow smoothly and efficiently, please be prepared to present the following when you arrive:

  • All current health insurance information, including your insurance card
  • Physician orders and prescriptions for any tests
  • If you are scheduled for surgery or are arriving for inpatient services, you will be asked about your wishes regarding living will/durable power of attorney options

Financial Counseling

Call 662-293-1151 to discuss difficult financial situations related to being underinsured or have no insurance at all before and/or after services are rendered.

Billing/Customer Service

Call 662-293-1082 for questions related to a bill received after services are rendered.