DAISY Award Winners

Anna Lancaster – Registered Nurse, Surgical Unit (March, 2021)

Magnolia Regional Health Center awarded its first DAISY Award to registered nurse Anna Lancaster! Anna has worked as an RN for 21 years, with 16 of those years being at MRHC.

The nomination submitted read, “Anna is a very compassionate nurse whom I have had the joy and privilege to work alongside for many years. There could be many instances where Anna could be nominated for the DAISY Award, but one particular moment I would like to recognize her for happened this week. A young lady came to the hospital to have emergency surgery and was very scared and anxious. She was also alone. Anna clocked out of her shift and stayed at the hospital until 7 pm after she was in recovery to make sure she was ok. She also prayed at the bedside with the young lady several times at the patient’s request to calm her anxieties and fears. This is a true example of Anna going above and beyond her call to show love, compassion and care for the patient. This is what nursing is all about!”