The Orthopaedic CenterOrthopedic Surgery Excellence Award 2014

We get you moving again.

Magnolia Regional Health Center’s Railroad Crossroads themed orthopaedic and joint replacement program is a destination center for joint replacement. We offer a comprehensive, patient-centric service that will guide you through your journey to an active and healthy lifestyle. The Center provides an environment that emphasizes wellness and maximizes your recovery efforts though education, early mobility, family involvement and group interaction.

We use concepts like "The Train Depot" and "Conductors" to help you feel more comfortable with your surgery and recovery.

What makes the Ortho Center Excellent?

  • Recipient of the Healthgrades Orthopaedic Surgery Excellence Award in 2014
  • Ranked among the to 10% in the nation for Overall Orthopaedic Services in 2014
  • Received 5-Star rating in Hip Fracture Treatment for 4 years in a row (2012-2015)
  • Dedicated hospital staff - healthcare professionals dedicated to caring for joint replacement patients.
  • The Train Depot - "All aboard the train to recovery." Your post-op therapy will be conducted in a group setting on a dedicated unit. Other group activities will supplement individualized care including group meals.
  • Superior patient education - your journey will begin several weeks prior to your surgery when you attend our joint replacement education and pre-admission class.
  • Your Conductor - your family member or friend will participate as your coach, or "Conductor," during recovery.
  • A Joint Care Coordinator - a person who educates you and your family, and oversees your progress from pre-op class to post-op care.
  • You’ll wear your clothes, not hospital gowns - you will not wear hospital gowns after surgery. You get to bring comfortable clothes-sweat pants, shorts, etc-that will be worn during the day. This will further encourage our fundamental concept of wellness.
  • Superior credentials and experience of our surgeons - many of our surgeons specialize their practices in knee and hip replacement surgery and have documented favorable outcomes.

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  • Our Volunteers — volunteers donate their time in the Orthopaedic Center, some of whom have experienced joint replacement surgery themselves.
  • A comprehensive manual — our doctors and staff have developed a manual to guide you through every step of your surgery and rehabilitation.
  • A consistent team approach — your surgery and recovery takes place in an upbeat atmosphere that focuses on wellness and rehabilitation. Each team member coordinates your care with you and your family.
  • A program constantly improved by our patients — we call you three weeks after surgery to get your feedback. Your experiences help us improve our program.
  • Patient Reunions — your journey doesn’t end when your recovery is complete.  You are welcome back to our reunion luncheons …

For more information regarding The Orthopaedic Center joint replacement surgery at Magnolia Regional Health Center, please call our Orthopaedic Care Coordinator at 662-293-1010.

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