Magnolia Pediatrics

Caring BridgeMRHC pediatric unit is a teaching facility where we realize children are not just little people and are the focus of all we do. Here, healthcare professionals and supervised students from various health-related fields as well as physicians who all are giving advanced training, are all involved and committed to the practice of patient and family centered care "One Patient at a Time."

Comfort and Welcome

Our Pediatric Unit houses a 19-bed unit with all private rooms with choices of crib, isolette or hospital bed. The rooms have flat screen televisions, communication boards, availability of continuous DVD viewing on three channels, pull out sleeper chairs and in room shower. Parent trays are offered as service to parent and can be ordered from dietary service just as the child’s tray is ordered. The pediatric unit has a microwave oven, coffee maker and refrigerator as an added convince. The unit is cell phone friendly area and Wifi capability is available. There is Family Resource waiting area and a Playroom with a large flat screen TV. The ability to keep in touch with friends and family through is also available.

Patient Safety and Security

The unit is under surveillance of security cameras, coded entrances and is a limited access area. We offer sleep space for a parent, guardian or parent designee that is 18 or older. Adult presence is required at all times throughout the stay by either by a parent, guardian or parent designees over the age of 18. Pediatric staff are clearly identified by their ID badge that indicates name, title, and department next to his or her photo.


Visiting hours

Visiting hours are 8am to 9 pm.