Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery

The Cardiovascular/Cardiothoracic Program at Magnolia Regional Health Center brings together the collaborative efforts and experience of highly skilled physician specialists, nurses, technologists and other cardiovascular health professionals.

The comprehensive program offers a full range of diagnostic modalities, medical and surgical interventional procedures, rehabilitation, preventative care and additional medical and support services for patients with heart disorders. Facilities include dedicated operating rooms and cardiac catherization labs that are equipped with the latest medical technology and available on a 24-hour elective and emergency basis.

Supported By A Team Of Leading Specialists

MRHC's Cardiovascular Program is comprised of a team of experienced surgeons, cardiologists, anesthesiologists, radiologists, pulmonologists and internists. Together, these medical and surgical specialists combine their experience and knowledge in order to provide patients with the latest scientific advances in their respective fields.

Meet our team of surgeons:

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Through supervised exercise and ongoing education rehabilitation specialists in the Cardiovascular Program help patients and their families make their recovery goals. Services and facilities include diet education and support, lifestyle management, health education and personalized attention from nurses, physical therapists and other professional trained in cardiovascular medicine.

Heart Disease

Heart Disease is the nation's number one killer, claiming nearly one million lives annually. According to the Mississippi State Department of Health, Mississippi's Cardiovascular Disease mortality is the highest in the nation, with a mortality rate in 2000 that was 29% higher than the U.S. as a whole. More Mississippians die each year from CVD than from all types of cancer, traffic injuries, suicides and AIDS combined. Knowing your personal risks and regulating your behavior accordingly are as crucial to cardiac health as the most advanced diagnosis and treatment methods.