MRHC Telemedicine

Telemedicine at Magnolia Regional Health Center enables MRHC physicians and nurse practitioners to provide high-quality, coordinated care to patients and families via smart phone, computer or tablet.

Telemedicine visits provide patients with an option for access to the same quality care they are accustomed to, using a more convenient method. Users of MRHC telemedicine services will communicate and collaborate remotely using familiar and easy to use tools. These tools allow providers to consult, advise and treat the patient in a way that is most convenient and best suited to the patient’s medical needs.

Examples of what visits can be conducted via telemedicine include, but are not limited to:


All wellness visits will continue to occur in the clinic. 

All MRHC clinics are able to offer telemedicine visits at this time.

Please contact your physician or nurse practitioner to determine if your visit meets telemedicine qualifications. Some clinic visits may still be required to ensure the appropriate care if provided.