Care Coordination Center

1-877-MRHC-123 or 1-877-674-2123

One point of contact for efficient patient transfers 24 hours per day

  • A hospital representative or physician calls the Care Coordination Center expressing interest in transferring a patient to MRHC.
  • The MRHC Communication Specialist will locate the appropriate MRHC attending physician on call and facilitate a recorded conference call between the referring and accepting healthcare providers to establish a preliminary clinical picture.
  • Once a patient is accepted for transfer by a MRHC attending physician, the patient’s medical profile and history will be evaluated by the MRHC Communication Specialist who will be working with MRHC physicians, as well as the healthcare provider to access:
    • Bedside nurse clinical evaluation
    • Level of care required
    • When appropriate, identification of closer facilities capable of providing the required level of care

Access to the appropriate level of care and mode of transport to MRHC will be facilitated once a patient has been cleared by the Care Coordination Center. Every attempt will be made to facilitate all requests and accommodate the patient.

For Transfer Requests please have the following information available: 

Referring HOSPITAL or PHYSICIAN information

  • Name, Phone and Fax

PATIENT information

  • Name, Age, Height, Weight
  • Diagnosis
  • Specialty Care Desired