Governance and Leadership

Board of Trustees

Dr. Tommy AlexanderDr. Tommy Alexander, Board Member (County Appointee)

Steve Dobbins, Board Member (Joint Appointee)

Dr. Randall Frazier, Board Secretary (City Appointee)

Larry James

Larry James, Board Vice-Chair (County Appointee)

Lex Mitchell

Lex Mitchell, Board Chair (County Appointee)


Rebecca Spence, Board Member (City Appointee)


Tim Smith, Board Member (City Appointee)





Ronny Humes CEO

Ronny Humes, CEO








Dr. James C. Gilmore, CMO
SVP Medical Affairs



Medical Executive Committee

F. Scott Bauer, DMD, Chief of Staff

Lane Armstrong, MD, Past Chief of Staff

Leonard Pratt, MD, Chief of Medicine

Mat Johnson, MD, Chief of Surgery

William Tidwell, MD, Secretary

Jennifer Garrett, MD Member – at – Large

Billy Parsons, MD Member – at – Large


Vice Presidents

Christian Albarracin, VP Business Intelligence
Rhonda Atkins, VP Finance
Regenia Brown, VP Human Resources
Deonne Henry, VP Revenue Cycle
Jason Coley, VP Outpatient Clinical Services
Kim Hardwick, VP Surgical Services

Kari Beth Nash, VP Organizational Excellence
Terry Plunk, VP Support Services
Mark Studdard, VP Ancillary Services
Jill Tays, VP Clinical Documentation
Pam Wallis, VP Inpatient Clinical Services