Patient Stories

Magnolia Cardiology Matters to Josh Hodum

About one year ago, Josh began to experience some heart complications. Hodum called and scheduled an appointment with Dr. John W. Prather, Cardiologist at Magnolia Cardiology Associates, to get an answer to some of his health questions. Based on those results, Dr. Prather instructed Hodum to wear a heart monitor for a period of time, ultimately revealing that Hodum had AFIB (Atrial Fibrillation), or an irregular heartbeat. 

Several months passed, and Hodum had not experienced any issues. On one random morning, he began to feel some discomfort and pain in his chest. Initially, Hodum assumed it was a pulled muscle and went about his day. As the pain increased, Hodum told his wife that he was going to schedule an appointment with Dr. Prather once again to determine the cause of this pain. Hodum, a pastor at Gospel Tabernacle in Corinth, and a day to a 4 year old son, felt the pain increasingly becoming worse and decided it was time to make a trip to the emergency department at Magnolia. 

By this time, his pain had gotten so bad that he had called 911 to take him rather than driving himself. Upon arrival to the hospital, he was treated by Dr. Japheth Baker, Emergency Physician, and Dr. Prather, with the intent of ensuring that it was not heart related. While laying on the emergency exam table, Dr. Prather realized that Hodum was experiencing an active MI (Myocardial Infarction), an active heart attack, and rushed him to the cath lab. The cath team ballooned his artery so that they could insert a stent. As soon as the first stent was inserted, his pain had subsided significantly. While inserting the initial stent, the team discovered another blockage, which required a second stent at that time. His pain soon subsided completely, and he was back at home within a couple of days.

“If it weren’t for the knowledge and awareness of the providers at Magnolia,” says Hodum, “I would have died!” It happened fast: crushing chest pain, a 911 call, an MRHC cardiology team assessing quickly and acting decisively to insert stents. “My pain completely disappeared!”

At MRHC, training, skill and the latest technology combine to save lives. 

Big-time healthcare, small-town touch. 

Magnolia Orthopaedics Matters to Pat Palmer

Pat Palmer enjoys an active lifestyle, full of biking, running, tennis and golf.  A couple of years back, Palmer began to notice pain in his hip when playing tennis or golf. It kept getting worse. Palmer decided to make a call to Dr. Randall Frazier, Orthopaedic Surgeon, to determine the plan of action and hopefully alleviate some of his pain.

The two discussed the pain Palmer was feeling and what options he had. Knowing Palmer did not want a full hip replacement, the two discussed the option of a “Birmingham Resurfacing”. This procedure consists of the surgeon going in and resurfacing the hip joint, removing very little bone.

A few days passed, and Palmer went to Magnolia to have the procedure done. After the procedure, Palmer woke up and was met by the nursing staff and therapist, whose main goal was to get him moving as quickly as possible, so that Palmer could go home. Palmer was determine to get his life back, and he did. 

“Without the knowledge of Dr. Frazier and the rest of the MRHC staff that day, I don’t know what would have happened!”

Today, Palmer is as active as ever and is experiencing no pain. 

Big-time healthcare, small-town touch. 

Magnolia Pediatrics Matters to the Williams Family

Lindsey Williams, and her husband Jeffrey, were excited about the birth of their new son. After his birth, which took place at Magnolia as well, they both knew they wanted to find a pediatrician that they could put their confidence and trust in. 

The couple decided on Dr. Branson Bolden, Pediatrician at Magnolia Pediatric Clinic, to take care of their most prized possession. 

“When we’re in the clinic, we always feel as if we’re the only patients there, even though we know he and the rest of the team are extremely busy,” said Williams.

Throughout the Williams’ experience, they saw first hand the genuine care that the providers and clinical staff provided. From phone calls to check in on them after their son is sick to offering their undivided attention as they listened to any concerns, the pediatrics team at Magnolia met and exceeded the Williams’ expectations.

“Where else can you get this kind of care,” asked Williams. “Magnolia was the perfect choice for our family. It is reassuring to know that we can receive the highest level of care right here in our hometown!”

Big-time healthcare, small-town touch. 

Magnolia Women’s Health Matters to Lindsey Hodges

Lindsey Hodges is a mother of three happy and healthy boys. All three have been born at Magnolia! Hodges and her husband met Dr. Quinisha Logan, OB/GYN at Magnolia Women’s Center, and instantly fell in love with her. Through every appointment, Logan listened intently and took her time to ensure the Hodges family were the most comfortable they could be.

Hodges witnessed first hand the sincerity and compassion from Dr. Logan and the Magnolia Women’s Center staff and was impressed at how the MRHC team acted as family. Constant, encouraging, and supporting are words Hodges uses to describe the team throughout her pregnancy.

“Dr. Logan and the supportive staff at Magnolia worked with me during my roller coaster ride of emotions and gave constant support and encouragement the entire way,” said Hodges. “If you are wondering who to go with, feel confident with the doctors at Magnolia Women’s Center.”

The decision to continue to grow the family was an important one to the Hodges, but they knew the next steps as a family was to find the right providers and nurses to care for Lindsey throughout the exciting journey of pregnancy. 

“We are so thankful to have found the doctors at Magnolia are the perfect match to keep us and our growing family healthy and happy!”

Big-time healthcare, small-town touch. 

Magnolia Surgical Weight Loss Matters to Tabitha Bobo

Tabitha Bobo was tired of feeling exhausted and knew she wanted a change. She had attempted multiple other methods, but knew it was time for another option.

The option Bobo decided on was to undergo a surgical weight loss procedure at Magnolia Center for Surgical Weight Loss, led by Andy Holley, Board Certified General Surgeon. 

The specific procedure Bobo was pursuing was a sleeve gastrectomy, a procedure that limits the amount of food you can eat by reducing the size of your stomach. With this procedure, which is usually performed laparoscopically, Dr. Holley removes approximately 75 percent of the stomach. The result of this process is the stomach taking on the shape of a tube or “sleeve”, which holds much less food. 

“Surgical weight loss give you a real chance to lose the weight,” said Bobo. “If used right, it’s a great tool and can make your life a thousand times better!”

Since Bobo’s surgery, she is now down 86 lbs and is feeling better than ever. Besides the obvious improvement in overall health, Bobo has been able to cut out certain medications, buy normal clothes, and walk without struggling with exhaustion. 

“The procedure absolutely results in weight loss,” added Bobo. “Being able to see real results and know that I’m going to be around longer for my child and family is invaluable!”

Big-time healthcare, small-town touch.