Patient Stories

Magnolia Cardiology Matters to Lee Thurner

Written by Lee Thurner:

On August 20, 2018, a heart catheterization showed a blockage of 98% in one of my cardiac arteries. Surgery was scheduled for the morning of the 22nd. Pre-op preparation was conducted in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit at MRHC. I was very impressed by the care the nurses of SICU took in explaining everything that was going to happen, and I was gratified by the level of personal attention provided by the nurses assigned to my case, and their obvious concern for making me as comfortable, both physically and emotionally, as possible.

Dr. Billy Parsons performed the Cardiac Artery Bypass Graft surgery. During the procedure, my designated contact person (my daughter) received a phone call every hour, notifying her of the progress of the surgery and giving her an update on my condition. After surgery and once I was awake, Dr. Parsons visited me and explained in detail what I should expect to happen and gave me a tentative schedule of progress. He also listed for me the medications he was prescribing, explaining the purpose of each one.

Within 24 hours of the surgery, I was up and walking the halls of the SICU with nurses on either side and another following with the IV equipment. The nurses were not only technically proficient and excellent teachers, they also displayed a level of understanding of my anxieties and a depth of compassion and concern for my comfort that greatly exceeded expectations. The follow-up by the Magnolia Home Health nurses and the exercise regimen in the rehab unit were exceptional, both made better by the positive, cheerful demeanor of the nurses. I’m convinced that I could not have received any better care, anywhere, than that which I received at Magnolia. I’m grateful that such an outstanding health care facility is located in my home town.

Big-time healthcare, small-town touch. 

Lee Thurner

Magnolia Orthopaedics Matters to Hurtis Baker

Hurtis Baker, Vietnam veteran, was having knee pain in both knees and knew he needed to have something done about it. Remembering a family member had success with the orthopaedic team at MRHC, he decided to have a consultation. Based on the findings from the consultation, Dr. Randall Frazier, Orthopaedic Surgeon, ended up performing total knee replacements on both of Baker’s knees over the span of five months. Now,  after his final knee replacement, Baker says he feels brand new again.

As for his time in the hospital, Baker says that the staff and nurses at MRHC were nothing short of fantastic. He brags about the level of care provided to him as he recovered from his surgeries. He said, “It’s easier to recover when you have confidence in the people who are caring for you.”

Big-time healthcare, small-town touch. 

Hurtis Baker

Magnolia Women’s Health Matters to the Jeter Family

Kakie Jeter, and her husband Rob, knew that when it was time for their daughters to be born they did not want to travel very far.  Because of those reasons, the couple chose Magnolia Regional Health Center for their delivery needs. 

After making the decision, the couple scheduled appointments at Magnolia Women’s Center to begin their birthing process. Throughout the process, the couple felt extremely blessed to have such a great facility in their hometown. 

“The Women’s Center was top notch,” said Jeter. “Each time I went in for my checkup, I felt like I was the only one there because of the undivided attention I received.”

Feeling like she was the clinic’s main focus, Kakie’s nerves were calmed knowing there was such great communication between the clinic and the hospital where their daughters would be born. 

“From the doctors to the nurses, there were all great!” added Jeter. 

The couple was extremely pleased with their experience and were happy to take advantage of the hospital and its services offered close to home. 

“You have enough stress going on in your life during this time,” said Jeter. “Make it easy on yourself and your family, and come to MRHC. You won’t regret it!”

Big-time healthcare, small-town touch. 

Jeter Family

Magnolia Pediatrics Matters to the Chappell Family

When Lacey Chappell, and her husband Logan, moved back home from Memphis, they knew they wanted to find the right pediatrician to care for their children.

When the time for the birth of their third child was here, they decided to try the “new pediatrician in town”, Dr. Branson Bolden with Magnolia Pediatric Clinic.

“All four of my children use Magnolia Pediatric Clinic, and we love it,” said Chappell. 

After the birth of their youngest son, Cohen, Lacey’s motherly intuition began to kick in, as she began feeling that something wasn’t right. Multiple signs and symptoms were being displayed, causing all sorts of concern and fear for their family.

“Being a professional in the healthcare field, I am a bit “too educated” on certain diagnoses, causing me to think about all of the things that can go wrong,” said Chappell. “It is both a blessing and a curse.”

After taking her concerns to Dr. Bolden and the team, the Chappell family was referred to their first, of many, specialists, to attempt to figure out what was medically wrong with Cohen. 

One referral quickly became multiple, with developmental pediatricians and neurologists being some of them. Based on their visits with the specialists, the family was told the main diagnosis for Cohen’s issues was PPP1CB-Related Noonan Syndrome Like With Loose Anagen Hair, an extremely rare disease caused by a heterozygous mutation in the PPP1CB gene on chromosome 2p23. The syndrome causes not only numerous dysmorphic features but also hypotonia, developmental delay, and even intellectual disability. Even with this diagnosis, Cohen has not been held back.

“He has a list as long as he is of various issues, but he continues to crush his goals and prove the “statistics” wrong,” said Chappell. “We love Magnolia Pediatric Clinic and all of its clinicians!”

Chappell said that Dr. Bolden called her personally to check on Cohen, and it’s the little things that show true compassion for a patient.

Chappell added, “I’m so thankful for a clinic so close to home that makes us feel like family and calms my anxious soul.  The staff at the clinic has made this journey a little less stressful.”

After seeing numerous specialists at a larger  hospital, the Chappell family is convinced that you can’t beat the compassion and willingness of Dr. Bolden and the clinic staff.

“You don’t have to drive miles away to receive excellent care. Magnolia Pediatric Clinic will provide the absolute best care possible, and if they can’t, they will refer you to a specialist that can!”

Big-time healthcare, small-town touch. 

Chappell Family

Magnolia Surgical Weight Loss Matters to Tabitha Bobo

Tabitha Bobo was tired of feeling exhausted and knew she wanted a change. She had attempted multiple other methods, but knew it was time for another option.

The option Bobo decided on was to undergo a surgical weight loss procedure at Magnolia Center for Surgical Weight Loss, led by Andy Holley, Board Certified General Surgeon. 

The specific procedure Bobo was pursuing was a sleeve gastrectomy, a procedure that limits the amount of food you can eat by reducing the size of your stomach. With this procedure, which is usually performed laparoscopically, Dr. Holley removes approximately 75 percent of the stomach. The result of this process is the stomach taking on the shape of a tube or “sleeve”, which holds much less food. 

“Surgical weight loss give you a real chance to lose the weight,” said Bobo. “If used right, it’s a great tool and can make your life a thousand times better!”

Since Bobo’s surgery, she is now down 86 lbs and is feeling better than ever. Besides the obvious improvement in overall health, Bobo has been able to cut out certain medications, buy normal clothes, and walk without struggling with exhaustion. 

“The procedure absolutely results in weight loss,” added Bobo. “Being able to see real results and know that I’m going to be around longer for my child and family is invaluable!”

Big-time healthcare, small-town touch. 

Tabitha Bobo