Employee Testimonies

Magnolia Matters to Dr. Moss

Alicia Pressley-Moss, M.D., Pediatrician at Magnolia Pediatric Clinic

“When children come into my clinic they always put a smile on my face, because I  see them not as patients but as an extended family. Being able to nurture the youth for the future is something I do not take lightly. The joy that children bring truly makes coming into work every day a pleasure for me. I will continue to learn about new techniques to be able to provide excellent service to every child that I encounter.”

Magnolia Matters to Jason 

Jason Ferguson, Transporter

“Being a member of the transportation department at MRHC is more than just a job. Sure, we provide an essential element in the patient’s care by getting them to test sites and procedures in a timely manner. But to be by someone’s side on that quiet elevator ride to a much-anticipated scan or helping a beaming parent load up to take home that brand-new bundle of joy, that takes HEART. It is an honor to be part of a healthcare team that works together and strives to meet all the patients’ needs in every step of their care.”

Magnolia Matters to Penny

Penny McDonald, Recruiter

“As a recruiter, hiring the best employees to care for our patients is very fulfilling. Seeing the look on new employees’ faces is a great feeling, and my hope is that they come to love MRHC as much as I do!”


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