Bariatric Surgeries: A Team Approach

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bariatric surgery

Losing weight can often feel like a lonely journey. However, when you decide to make a serious lifestyle change, it’s important to have support—like the team of professionals who are with you if you decide bariatric surgery is the right move.

Bariatric (weight loss) procedures may take only hours, but recovery takes longer—and you’ll also need to adjust to new realities after the surgery. With the support of your weight loss team, you aren’t alone. From the moment you decide to pursue weight loss surgery to your surgical procedure, recovery and beyond, an entire team at the Center for Surgical Weight Loss at Magnolia Regional Health Center is here to help.

Bariatric Surgery Procedures to Help You Lose Weight

When you’re thinking about bariatric surgery, the first step is to determine which type of weight loss surgery is right for you. There are three bariatric surgery procedures common in the U.S.—gastric bypass surgery, gastric sleeve and adjustable gastric band placement. Of these, the gastric bypass and gastric sleeve procedures are performed more frequently and can help many people who need bariatric surgery.

If you have decided weight loss surgery might be your best move to improve your health, you may be wondering how to get the ball rolling.

First, schedule a consultation with our weight loss team. During this appointment, we’ll step through your options and carefully assess whether weight loss surgery is right for you.

Bariatric surgery is a medical procedure, but it also represents a significant change that will affect your physical, mental and emotional health. The procedure will allow you to take significant steps toward your best health but will also require a change in mindset for how you handle your health and well-being after surgery.

That’s why bariatric surgery teams feature many different experts, including a surgeon, a psychologist, a dietitian and an exercise coach. All members of the multidisciplinary team work together to help ensure you’re prepared for surgery and ready for what comes next.

The Role Each Team Member Plays

Each member of the bariatric surgery team plays a unique role in preparing you for surgery and recovery. In addition to your surgeon, you’ll meet with the following important medical professionals.

The bariatric psychologist helps determine whether you are mentally prepared for bariatric surgery and the changes it will bring. During pre-surgical consultations, the psychologist will ask why you want bariatric surgery and whether you’re committed to the lifestyle changes necessary before and after the procedure. They will also help you understand the emotions you may face during the days ahead.

This may seem strange, but remember that undergoing an elective surgery that alters how your body works is a major change. We want to make sure you’re prepared for it. Counseling is also available after your surgical procedure to help you cope with changes and feelings you may experience.

The dietitian will work with you both before and after surgery. In many cases, particularly if your surgery is covered by insurance, you will be required to lose some weight prior to the procedure. A dietitian can help you make the changes needed to achieve that goal.

You’ll also receive guidance about how to eat after surgery, as your stomach will be smaller, and your body will have different cues for fullness and hunger. The dietitian can help determine an eating strategy that will work best to accommodate your new needs.

The exercise coach plays a similar role to the dietitian. He or she will help you make necessary changes to your exercise habits before and after surgery. While bariatric procedures will drastically reduce the size of your stomach and cut down on what you’re able to eat, exercise will play a key role in helping you achieve your overall goals.

Physical activity will help you drop excess weight, relieve stress and stay mentally healthy. Your exercise coach can help you find activities and specific exercises to reach your goals.

Ready to take the next step in your weight loss journey? Set up a consultation with the Center for Surgical Weight Loss at Magnolia Regional Health Center to get started.

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