Dr. Jennifer Garrett Performs MRHC’s First Laser Guided Cataract Surgery

November 14, 2019 10:44 am Published by

After struggling with double vision, difficulty driving at night, and being unable to clearly see a TV monitor or computer screen, Denean White, Iuka, Miss. native, decided it was time to take action to correct her vision.

White, knowing that she needed a solution to the issues she was facing, chose Dr. Jennifer Garrett, Dr. Meredith Rhodes, and their team of professionals at Garrett Eye Clinic, along with the surgical staff at Magnolia Regional Health Center, to guide her through the process. “I have struggled with blurred vision for the past few years and my previous provider had not resolved my issues,” said White. “My daughter is a patient of [Dr. Rhodes at Garrett Eye Clinic] and said she was pleased with the care”.  Dr. Rhodes diagnosed her with cataracts and then referred to Dr. Rhodes’ partner, Dr. Garrett.

Dr. Garrett, after reviewing her case and discussing all of the surgical options available for White, decided that Laser cataract surgery and a PanOptix Toric Multifocal Lens would be a great option for the answer that White was searching for.

Dr Garrett with laser

Pictured is Dr. Garrett with the laser used to perform the procedure.

White would be among the first few patients to have the Laser Cataract surgery with the Alcon LenSx Laser® at Magnolia Regional Health Center.  Alcon is considered the industry leader in Introcular Lens implants as well as surgical instruments for cataract surgery.

The LenSx Laser® is designed to make clean, geometrically pristine incisions on the lens in less time and with more effective technique than traditional cataract surgery. Because of this, a LenSx Laser® assisted procedure boasts less post operation swelling and a quicker recovery than traditional cataract surgery. The robust computer system powering the LenSx Laser® allows for real-time calculations of your cataract depth, corneal thickness, length and positions, which then assists the surgeon and increases the precision of the surgery.  This makes laser cataract surgery more desirable over traditional cataract procedures. Laser cataract is gentle, precise and accurate, and it reduces and sometimes completely eliminates the amount of astigmatism present in the eye. Individuals who have undergone this procedure report improved distance vision.

In the same procedure, Dr. Garrett then placed a PanOptix Toric Multifocal Lens that corrected her distance, intermediate, and near vision as well as her astigmatism.  After the procedure, White’s vision went from a blurry 20/50 with glasses to a crystal clear 20/20 without glasses. She no longer needs assistance seeing clearly from glasses or contacts for her distance, computer, or near work.

White stated, “This surgery has drastically improved my life. It has changed my daily routine because I no longer need contacts or reading glasses to help me with my daily activities”.

When asked about Laser Cataract Surgery, Dr. Garrett stated: “I am excited to offer Laser assisted surgery to my cataract patients. I brought Lasik to the crossroads area over 13 years ago and have used this type of laser for almost a decade. 

When asked why she chooses to operate at Magnolia Hospital Surgery Center, she said: “MRHC provides a great surgery facility for my patients. They have an experienced team dedicated to assist me in accomplishing outstanding surgical outcomes. Also, Magnolia continues to invest in the latest technology to aid in cataract surgery”.

Dr. Garrett, along with the surgical team at Magnolia Regional Health Center, offer a solution to those struggling with the frustration of blurred vision due to cataracts. If you are interested in learning more about this procedure or to see if you qualify for the PanOptix lens implant, please call, (662) 212-9001.

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