Is Knee Replacement Worth It?

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Over the years, your knee has gotten worse. You ignored it for a long time, but you can’t anymore because it’s interfering with your quality of life. Walking to the mailbox or climbing stairs is difficult some days, impossible on others. You’re ready to see a provider about the pain, but you’re not sure about what to expect after knee replacement surgery.

What Is Knee Replacement?

The largest joint in the body, your knee is made of bones, ligaments and cartilage. Injury or arthritis can damage any of these, resulting in pain. When the pain becomes too much, partial or total knee replacement surgery can help.

During the procedure, an orthopaedic surgeon removes all or part of the damaged knee joint. The surgeon then implants a new, artificial joint in its place. Thanks to minimally invasive techniques, the procedure is often done through smaller incisions. This allows many patients to return home the same day and enjoy a faster recovery.

Life After Knee Replacement

Following surgery, you’ll likely begin putting weight on your new joint the same day as your surgery. Regaining full function of your new joint takes a few months. It may even take a year. Following doctor’s orders and undergoing rehabilitation speed the process.

Once you fully recover, you can enjoy life once again—without the pain. You’ll be able to walk up stairs, exercise and even chase the grandkids. Just be cautious: High-impact sports, such as basketball or skiing, could shorten the life of your new joint. Avoid these exercises to help your joint serve you for years to come.

Ready for a new knee? Request an appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon at Magnolia Regional Health Center’s Orthopaedic Center of Excellence.


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