MRHC and MDsave Partner to Increase Access to Medical Care for Patients

December 18, 2020 11:00 am Published by

Partnership brings out-of-pocket patients the same high-quality care as insured patients at affordable, transparent prices.

With an ever-increasing number of Americans paying out of pocket for healthcare, Magnolia Regional Health Center (MRHC) is taking steps to help these patients get the medical care they need, when they need it. By partnering with online healthcare marketplace MDsave, MRHC is providing a new way for patients to buy their medical services upfront at discounted prices that are bundled together with related fees — which means no more surprise bills.

“This is the same quality care that patients have come to expect at our hospital,” said Jim Hobson, chief executive officer at MRHC. “We are able to offer our self-pay patients better prices through MDsave because of increased administrative efficiency, not because the quality of care is reduced in any way.”

MDsave is dedicated to making healthcare accessible to everyone by empowering patients to make informed decisions about their care. The MDsave online marketplace is built on the principles of affordability, transparency, and shoppability, giving patients the ability to shop and compare pre-negotiated, bundled prices for their services and then immediately act on that information.

“Working with Magnolia Regional Health Center, we are taking an important step toward making healthcare more accessible and affordable,” said MDsave CEO Paul Ketchel. “We know that the cost of preventive treatments is often a factor in consumers neglecting to have them. We hope that our strategic alliance will increase access to quality medical care and, as a result, help save lives.”

Hobson added, “This is an important step in the direction of improving the overall experience of our patients. We’re excited to see the positive impact it has on the patients of our region.”

You can see MRHC’s online procedure offerings at or visit to learn more about the hospital. You can learn more about MDsave at

About MDsave

Co-located in Brentwood, Tenn. and San Francisco, Calif., MDsave is the world’s first online healthcare marketplace, bringing together patients seeking affordable, reliable care with providers offering high-quality services at fair prices. Using cutting-edge technology, MDsave simplifies the healthcare billing process for patients and providers alike through negotiated rates, bundled pricing, and upfront payment. The MDsave marketplace also helps employers and payers offer more value to employees and policyholders with out-of-pocket deductible costs. Launched in June 2012, the company offers a wealth of information on its website about common procedures. For more information, visit

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