MRHC Celebrates Long White Coat Ceremony for New Class of Resident Physicians

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The dawning of a new phase of medical training occurs when a medical student graduates and exchanges their short white coat for a longer one, signifying and celebrating their hard work and future responsibility to their patients. The white coat is synonymous with professionalism in the field of medicine, and a long white coat is only worn by those who have achieved physician status and historically awarded during a white coat ceremony.

Last week, members of the MRHC leadership team, Board of Trustees and graduate medical education programs celebrated and welcomed the new resident physicians to MRHC by hosting a white coat ceremony at Shiloh Ridge Athletic Club in Corinth. In front of fellow physicians, family members and staff, twelve new resident physicians were awarded their long white coats and began their journey of continuing their medical training at MRHC.

“We’re thrilled to welcome this new class of residents to MRHC and Corinth,” said Jim Hobson, chief executive officer at MRHC. “They play such a vital role in the care of our patients and are such an asset to our health system and community.”

Of the twelve residents, six will be joining the Emergency Medicine Residency Program, now in its second year of training, and six will be joining the Internal Medicine Residency Program, marking the fourteenth class of residents received into the program. In addition to the residents now beginning their tenure with MRHC, 13 other residents will continue years two and three of their training simultaneously. The residents will be trained by the following faculty members:

Emergency Medicine Residency

Frederick B. Carlton MD, FACEP, Program Director
Japheth Baker, DO, Associate Program Director
Amy Davis, MD, FACEP, Core Faculty & Director Express Care
Lisa Bundy, MD FACEP, Core Faculty
Felton Eugene Combest, Jr, MD, Core Faculty
Alex Hampton, MD, Core Faculty

Internal Medicine Residency

Margaret Hayes Baker, MD FACP, Program Director
John Peyton Preece, DO FACOI, Associate Program Director
Cody Stroupe, MD, Core Faculty
Chris Tucker, MD, Core Faculty
Ben Long, MD, Core Faculty
Kyle Ulrich, DO, Core Faculty
William Jackson, MD, Supervising Physician MRCCC
Valerie Norton, DO, Core Faculty & Director MRCCC

“I am excited for these new residents to join our programs and start their medical training at MRHC,” said Gena Lindsey, Designated Institutional Official with the Magnolia Graduate Medical Education Program. “Each of these physicians will be caring for patients and training under our program directors, core faculty and medical staff over the next three years.  I am confident they, and our team, will do great things due to the quality of training they receive at MRHC.”

About Magnolia Regional Health Center Graduate Medical Education

Magnolia Regional Health Center is dedicated to training future leaders in medicine by providing organized and academically rigorous programs of education that foster physicians’ professional development as skilled, ethical, compassionate, and sensitive clinicians, who are capable of meeting the challenges of a changing healthcare environment, while assuring the highest possible quality patient care. Our graduate medical education programs promote the collaboration and development of a network that includes other local, regional and national institutions as well as affiliated health centers.  All of our programs are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).

Pictured are Emergency Medicine Residents and Faculty – Front Row (L to R): Dr. Shane Koler, Dr Gabriel Autry, Dr. Jessica Vo, Dr. Katie Falkner, Dr. Linsay Ling, Dr. Rick Carlton, Program Director; Dr. Lisa Bundy, Core Faculty Back Row (L to R): Dr. Japheth Baker, Associate Program Director; Dr. Felton Combest, Core Faculty; Dr. Amy Davis, Core Faculty | Not Pictured: Dr. Shanesse Spratt

Pictured are Internal Medicine Residents and Faculty – Front Row (L to R): Dr. Hayes Baker, Program Director; Dr. Kevin Knight, Dr. Daga Olsen, Dr. Erin Nichols, Dr. Conor Haas, Dr. Brian Martin, Dr. Victor Camba, Dr. Chris Tucker, Core Faculty Back Row (L to R): Dr. Peyton Preece, Associate Program Director; Dr. Valerie Norton, Core Faculty; Dr. Cody Stroupe, Core Faculty | Not Pictured: Dr. Ben Long, Core Faculty; Dr. Kyle Ulrich, Core Faculty; Dr. William Jackson, Supervising Physician






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