MRHC Internal Medicine Residency Expands its Reach: Engaging the Community and Expecting Excellence

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According to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), the United States is facing a real and significant shortage of physicians.  However, Magnolia Regional Health Center (MRHC) is doing their part in training the next generation of physicians to ensure quality care is provided for patients in the region.  

“We began training Medical Students in 2006, an Internal Medicine Residency in 2008, a Cardiology Fellowship in 2012 and plan to continue our GME efforts with the pursuance of an Emergency Medicine Residency in the next academic year.  All of our programs are currently accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education”, says Gena Lindsey, Designated Institutional Official for Graduate Medical Education at MRHC.

Since the program(s) inception, dozens of young physicians have taken care of thousands of citizens of Alcorn and the surrounding counties.  These physicians live, eat, work, worship, and play in Corinth, and with a recent change in leadership within the Internal Medicine facet of the GME department, these young physicians will play an even more integral role in the community.   

The program took a step toward continued success with the announcement of Dr. Hayes Baker as Internal Medicine Program Director. Dr. Baker, who is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and a Corinth native, began her tenure in late June.

“I am extremely excited to take on this new challenge of being the Program Director,” said Dr. Baker. “I truly believe that we have some of the best and brightest physicians in the country, and I know that our team has the vision, knowledge, and work ethic to take the program to the next level.”

Dr. Baker, along with a leadership team that includes Gena Lindsey, Designated Institutional Official, Dr. Peyton Preece, Associate Program Director, and Dr. Seger Morris, Director of Magnolia Regional Community Care Clinic, has plans to increase physician involvement in the community, outside of providing top-notch care for its citizens. 

Dr. Peyton Preece, Associate Program Director; Gena Lindsey, Designated Institutional Officer; Dr. Seger Morris, Director of Magnolia Regional Community Care Clinic; Dr. Hayes Baker, Internal Medicine Program Director.

(Pictured L to R:) Dr. Peyton Preece, Associate Program Director; Gena Lindsey, Designated Institutional Officer; Dr. Seger Morris, Director of Magnolia Regional Community Care Clinic; Dr. Hayes Baker, Internal Medicine Program Director.

“Because I am from Corinth, I have a strong desire to build a bridge between its citizens and our program,” added Dr. Baker. “Not only do I want my resident physicians to care for the folks I grew up with, but I want them to get to know Corinthians like I do.  I want them to go to Borroum’s Drug Store for a milkshake and visit the Civil War Museum and go swimming at Pickwick.  More importantly, however, I want us all to give back as much as possible.  We are fortunate enough to be able to provide medical care, but I want us to do more.”

Dr. Baker plans to work with Living Healthy Free Medical Clinic, originally established by the late Dr. Tommy Sweat, to help provide additional care for the underserved in the community.  The IM program will participate in more community events, including several Magnolia Regional Health Center has planned in the coming months. The program would also like to increase high school students’ knowledge of the medical profession in general by providing guidance on how to get started in the medical field. 

“You’ll be seeing groups of us a lot more in the community” says Baker.  “We have a series of events planned with our faculty members to increase our comradery with each other, but also to support local businesses.  We might be ax throwing or enjoying some catfish or bowling.”

Other than further community involvement, Dr. Baker’s team will also be working to recruit and retain the best talent at MRHC.  Dr. Seger Morris and Dr. Peyton Preece are not from the area, however, they both completed their Internal Medicine training here at MRHC and have worked here since their graduation. 

When Dr. Preece was asked why he chose to stay at MRHC, he said, “As a physician, you learn more about yourself in three years of specialty training than most do in a lifetime. You build special relationships and connect with people on a much deeper level than just in passing. Those relationships and the sincerity Magnolia Regional Health Center and this community has shown me and my family have reassured  me that there is no other place I’d rather be than Corinth.”

Dr. Morris added, “Training in Corinth opened my eyes to how much impact a single physician can have in an area like rural Mississippi; and the people of Corinth and MRHC rolled out the red carpet for me and my family from the first day. It’s very rewarding to serve in a community and health system that’s been so good to us.”

When Gena Lindsey, who has been involved from the program’s inception and is now the Designated Institutional Officer for GME, was asked her thoughts on the future of GME at MRHC, she responded, “We know physicians have a choice when matching into a program to complete their specialty training.  Our internal medicine program has a proven record of producing some of the best physicians in the nation, and the adjustments we have made will ensure we continue on this exciting path for the future.”

Dr. Baker concluded, “Overall, the possibilities are endless for our program and community.  The team we have is the best we could ask for, and we are all here to work hard and enjoy being Corinthian doctors!”

This post was written by Magnolia Regional Health Center

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