New Dialysis Unit Now Treating Patients

August 29, 2017 3:11 pm Published by

Many dialysis patients traveling to go elsewhere for services can now be treated right here at home.

Last week, Magnolia Regional Health Center opened the doors to its new inpatient dialysis unit. The new space, equipped with four patient bays, a state-of-the-art monitoring system, and personal TVs, will offer a quality center for treatments at MRHC. 

“I am so thrilled to be a part of this opportunity. Local dialysis patients now have the opportunity to stay near home when hospitalization needs arise,” said Gregory Hale, MD, Nephrologist at MRHC. “It affords the patient and their family the ability to forego the inconvenience of traveling 50 plus miles to get to a hospital that offers inpatient dialysis. We look forward to further serving the Nephrology needs of Corinth and the surrounding area.”Dialysis Team

Hemodialysis treatments will be provided to any patient in the hospital who requires renal replacement therapy under the supervision of Dr. Hale. The unit will be open during normal daily business hours, but nurses will also be available after hours for emergent situations. Patients in ICU will receive dialysis in the room, avoiding any risks associated with transferring the patient to the new dialysis unit. All other patients will be taken to the new dialysis unit by bed with transporters.

Dialysis EquipmentThe new unit is being staffed by Fresenius Kidney Care, the leading dialysis provider in the world. The Fresenius team, having earned national recognitions and equipped with years of experience, provides a valuable resource to patients undergoing treatments at MRHC.

“The response from patients and loved ones has been amazing,” said April Wilson, Charge Nurse with Fresenius Kidney Care. “They are so relieved to find that they will not be transferred to another hospital and thankful that they do not have to drive over an hour to visit the patient.”

Patients suffering from kidney failure often experience shortness of breath and chest pain, as well as other life threatening symptoms. When a patient is undergoing treatments, time can be crucial. Providing this service locally will not only be a convenience to the community, but it will save lives as well.

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