Surgical Weight Loss Program Eclipses 70th Procedure

June 17, 2020 3:03 pm Published by

On Monday, June 15th, Magnolia Regional Health Center (MRHC) and Magnolia Center for Surgical Weight Loss celebrated a major milestone, as over 70 surgical weight loss procedures have been performed on patients throughout the region.

Dr. Andy Holley, Board-Certified General Surgeon, clinical staff and hospital leadership gathered to celebrate the achievement and to share memories about the process.

“This is an amazing achievement, and it is one that certainly takes outstanding work from numerous team members to accomplish,” said Dr. Holley. “I’m extremely proud of the work we’ve been able to do with our patients and the life-changing results we have seen.”

The number of patients, now officially at 72 cases, who have decided to pursue the Gastric Sleeve Surgery have seen overall improved health, higher energy levels and a reduction in medications needed. The Gastric Sleeve Surgery is a procedure that limits the amount of food you can eat by reducing the size of your stomach. With the procedure, which is usually performed laparoscopically, simply meaning a small incision is made and a viewing tube is inserted, Dr. Holley removes approximately 75 percent of the stomach.

Pictured (L to R): Ben Rubio, ORT; Caleigh Newton, RN; Valerie Tutor, ORT; Dr. Andy Holley; Jessica Smith, ORT; Keith Barnett, CRNA

The Center for Surgical Weight Loss officially launched in February of 2018, allowing MRHC to offer a weight loss option to its patient base.

“The procedure has proven to produce great results time and time again,” said Dr. Holley. “There are many people struggling with weight loss, and this might be a possible solution if the person is committed to changing their way of life for the better.”

Dr. Holley added, “We continue to work to make the process as easy and high quality of an experience as we can for our patients. I am looking forward to continuing to watch the number of lives we impact grow over the coming years.”

“This milestone is a testament of the hard work and dedication to patient care that Dr. Holley and the medical staff continue to demonstrate,” said Jim Hobson, CEO. “We have a great team in place at MRHC, and I know this program will continue to reach new heights of success as we move forward.”

Weight loss surgery isn’t for everyone. It’s for obese patients above a certain body mass index (BMI) who have tried to lose weight and can’t. All patients must have a consultation with Dr. Holley and qualify for bariatric surgery. MRHC offers multiple bariatric variations, but your treatment depends on your case and medical history.

If you would like to set up a consultation, please call the Magnolia Center for Surgical Weight Loss at (662) 286-2522. Dr. Holley is a board-certified general surgeon with extensive training in weight loss surgery.

This post was written by Magnolia Regional Health Center