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The enjoyment that comes from eating and drinking is undeniable. Often times, we base our days, trips, and holiday plans around what or where we are eating. Other than the sheer enjoyment of food, the tasteful bites that we put into our mouths serve a purpose for our bodies and the way we function day in and day out.

Unfortunately for many people, our bodies react differently to the consumption of food, and we find ourselves sliding down a slippery slope, full of excessive weight gain, extreme body changes, and confidence that is increasingly lacking.  Either by genetic factors, or continuing bad habits, many individuals find their bodies, and overall lifestyle, to be displeasing to say the least. One minute, we seem to like our bodies, and then the next….well, we all know that weight gain sneaks up very quickly, and we find ourselves throwing away that favorite pair of jeans we can only dream of fitting into again

In some cases, being obese complicates our lives and dictates what we can and can’t do for ourselves. It is frustrating, depressing, and can leave us wondering what solution is out there to solve the problem.

Weight loss surgery isn’t for everyone, but it has proven to be a viable solution for individuals who have tried to lose the weight and can’t. The gastric sleeve surgery, now performed at MRHC’s Center for Surgical Weight Loss, has become a popular surgical choice for overweight patients seeking a lifestyle change.

Dr. Andy Holley, Board Certified General Surgeon

Dr. Andy Holley, Board Certified General Surgeon

The sleeve gastrectomy procedure limits the amount of food you can eat by reducing the size of your stomach. During the procedure, Dr. Andy Holley, General and Bariatric Surgeon at Magnolia Regional Health Center’s Center, removes a portion of the stomach, resulting in the stomach taking on the shape of a sleeve. Now, holding much less food, the stomach enables individuals who have underwent this procedure to lose at least 60% of their excess weight.

Often times, we would eat less if we felt full after eating a small amount of food. That’s exactly what bariatric surgery does and why it helps people lose weight. Bariatric surgery reduces the stomach’s storage capacity, which limits food intake and helps us feel full much sooner than normal.

Beyond the obvious weight loss that will occur once the surgery is complete, surgery patients might also notice improvement in high blood pressure, obstructive sleep apnea, high cholesterol, and diabetic symptoms.

If you have a body mass index (BMI) of 35 or more, this means you likely need to lose over 65 pounds. Without making changes, you could develop serious health issues because of the excess weight. Almost all people with a BMI of 40 or more are candidates for the surgery.

For more information on the gastric sleeve surgery offered at the Center for Surgical Weight Loss at Magnolia, please visit www.mrhc.org/surgicalweightloss.

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